12 Reasons why you need a Website Revamp

When was the last time, any of your clients told you that they found your business through the internet?

If your copyright statement in the footer still bears the same year before 2012, then you can guess, why you have to strain your brain to answer this question.

The reasons why you are not getting enough clients and your website isn’t helping much because:

  • 1. Your current website is old, boring and static.
  • 2. Lacks mobile compatibility.
  • 3. Navigation through your website is a mess.
  • 4. Online traffic is almost zero as search engines cannot find you due to lack of proper SEO.
  • 5. No social media integration, therefore you are missing free marketing opportunities.
  • 6. Loading time for web pages is slow and people don’t have much patience.
  • 7. Useless features crowding the website space.
  • 8. No details about new services and products.
  • 9. Hard for clients to communicate because proper contact information is missing like links to email and phone number.
  • 10. Content is outdated with no keywords.
  • 11. No visual imagery to represent your brand.
  • 12. Lack of testimonials or product reviews, to prove your credibility.

Now that you know why things are not working out the way they should, try getting an audit and “the long overdue revamp” for your website.

Be a better version of your business, get online.

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