Ecommerce / Magento

Magento is one of the most sought-after ecommerce platform that dispenses emerging business owners a tool to evolve by developing online shopping websites employing PHP and MySOL as its basis.

It is based on the Entity-value model that stores data in tree format. This allows changing data structure without changing the database definition.


  • Highly capricious with unlimited application of creativity.
  • User friendly with optimum performance.
  • Integrated with sites like PayPal, ebay, QuickBooks etc.
  • Accommodation of variable shopping carts selection on same site.
  • Vast collection of extensions, be quested by the worldwide community of developers.


  • Every fourth online store works on Magento
  • Magento downloads are over 5 million
  • ‘Magento’ searched more than ‘ecommerce


  • Open Source: As it is free licence source code it can be modified according to the owner’s choice.
  • User friendly: It helps the user to practice complete control over the management of orders, product stocks, promotions with easy administration interface and functionality.
  • Secure & Safe: Ensures data safety complying to PCI standards and secure buying experience on Magento ecommerce websites.
  • Ecommerce Development: Unlimited customization with Magento is possible due to the availability of numerous ready to use extensions.
  • Mobile ecommerce: Mobile ecommerce is a fraction of contemporary era. Magento readily works on both phones and tablets, procuring instant access to the users.


  • Magento is a elementary solution to all your complex problems made easy by adept developers .
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