How to optimize your website to increase business sales?

Trail is the best way to discover what works and what does not work for your website. Minor alterations can show great results.

You know your plan is working when you start seeing improvement in your business sales. Here is a list of few ways to optimize your website to boost your business:

1. Product placement on your home page

For E-commerce owners placing minimal products with proper description at one place can be favourable.

Instead of crowding your home page with wide range of products, present a set of related things with clear focus on main advantages. You can always sell rest of your products by placing them on other web pages or as a part of your follow up offers.

2. Positioning your opt-in

Positioning your opt-in offer in the “top fold” of your homepage (the area of webpage first visible to a visitor) can attract more subscribers.

You can also try putting opt-in offers on every page of your website to make it visible for the visitors or just place it in a “hover ad”.

3. The headline

Having an interesting headline can encourage your customers to look into your offer and to opt for your services.

A good headline should highlight the problems and illustrate how your services can resolve them. Getting your audience to trust you by showing that you relate to them can make them more confident in your offerings.

4. Prioritize your customers

Customer is the main focus of any business. While generating content for your services, make sure to use references like “you” or “your” to create a sense of association.

5. “Buy now” is an instant hit

By inducing urgency you can convince your customers to act fast. Some effective ways to do it is by offering:

  • limited-time discount.
  • limited quantity of products or services.
  • limited quantity bonus.

6. Highlight your content

Why there is a need to highlight certain parts of your content? Not all visitors to your website read the entire content. They just scroll down and only read the part that grabs their attention.

In order to make your visitors stay a bit longer and to provide them a quick overview about your product benefits you can try using:

  • bold, italics and highlights
  • sub-headlines
  • bullet lists for key points

7. Adding testimonials

Getting a feedback from your clients can help to establish your credibility.

Include excerpts from the past interaction where clients have related their problems and how your services have been useful in solving them. A testimonial with “how your product been helpful to them” has more impact than one that says, “Your service is great!”

8. Tweak your follow-up

To maximize sales and attract repeat business, following up can really work wonders. Sending an immediate follow-up to new subscribers, can prompt them to return to your website while following up with existing customers can help develop a long term profitable relationship.

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